8 ways to keep your house warm during cold days while saving money


Aluminum foil and bubble wrap can be used for many purposes but not to keep heat in the house. You’ll be able to change your mind about them once you learn how they can heatproof your home. They are not the only thing that traps heat; there are other ways that you can do it without spending a lot of money.

These 8 tips are useful, but not completely conventional, and can help you maintain warmth in your home.

1. Carpets can be used to cover the floor.

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Floors have a thermal insulation performance that is as good as fiberglass and 10 times more than the floor. They trap heat inside, which can help reduce energy costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. A room should be carpeted from one wall to the other so that there is minimal loss. Fuzzy rugs are warmer and will reduce your thermostat.

2. Place aluminum foil behind radiators

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Radiators attached to exterior walls can cause heat loss. This can be overcome by placing aluminum foil behind radiators to push heat back into your room. You can only use the foil in your kitchen if it’s of high quality. You can purchase a foil made specifically for this purpose for less than $10.

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