Why Shouldn’t You Sleep in Makeup? 10 Reasons

The Reason Number Ten is dangerous


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The best woman’s friend currently is her makeup. It never lets her down, makes her look beautiful all the time, keeps her shining, and most importantly, it heightens her self-confidence. But, have you ever asked yourself what might happen to your skin when sleeping in makeup

Sleep allows your body to rebalance and renew itself and keeping your skin bright and fresh, as well as, your skin cells diligently work to repair and regenerate. However, sleeping with your makeup at night has deeply harmful side effects, which a great number of women are not aware of, sometimes you laze cleaning your face before bedtime, because of being late or tired. As a result, you help to build up bacteria and pollutants on your skin. Predominately, you’ll be keen on removing your makeup when you finish reading. If you’re curious, keep reading, and share this knowledge with your friends because simply learning is great, and sharing is caring.

What Happens?

  1. Clogged Pores: 

Once neglecting to remove makeup on your face, you officially destroyed your pores. As celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Annie Chiu explained: “Don’t forget our skin is our first line of defense against infections.” When you don’t clean your skin deeply every night, residual makeup, dirt, and dead skin prevent oil from flowing to your skin surface; and therefore, it leads to chronic skin inflammation, dryness, breakouts, and you get acne all the time. You need to remove all your makeup every single night to keep your skin healthy; otherwise, it can cause dangerous effects.

  • 2-Premature Aging: 

According to Dr. J. Matthew Knight of FAAD Knight Dermatology, makeup absorbs environmental pollutants and traps dirt and dead skin throughout the day, causing the skin barrier to break down. Consequently, your skin appears old and rough, which speeds up the aging process. Using a highlighter to make your face glow and shine during the day is a likable thing to do. But, sleeping in it causes clogged pores, blackheads, and acne. Not only that, but it also makes the skin look dull, tired, dry, unhealthy, and lifeless. Plus, you’ll have more wrinkles. Does it worth it? Isn’t that a scary reason enough to perseverance on cleaning your face before going to bed no matter what time is it or, no matter how tired you are?

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